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Top Tips For Teachers

Tips On How To Survive As A Supply Teacher

All our teachers at registration receive a handbook with top tips along with our expectations. Here is a sample for your perusal.

• Location of your school
Make sure of the address and postcode and that you know how to get there. If you use a SatNav, there shouldn’t be a problem.

• Dress Code
Appear groomed and tidy. Aim for comfortable, practical clothes. A smart casual approach is probably the most appropriate.

• Arrive early
Be there at least 45 minutes before the start of school to give yourself plenty of time to familiarise yourself with the school layout and to get your head around the planning which should have been left for you. Don’t forget to sign the school visitors’ register. You will, doubtless, be given information about things such as, break times, location of toilets and staff room. If there is anything else you need to know, don’t hesitate to ask. It is most important that you adhere, as much as possible, to your school’s reward and disciplinary procedures.

• Ooze with Confidence
Come across as confident and in control even if you’re not feeling it. Don’t forget to smile.

• When in doubt, improvise.
No lesson plans left for you? It does happen, but thankfully not very often. Have something prepared for such an eventuality. There are occasions when you may feel it necessary to deviate from the work set by the class teacher. Should this happen, it would be advisable to speak to a member of staff at the school explaining the situation.

• Feedback for the teacher you’re supplying.
Informing teachers of what you’ve done or how far you have got with their lesson plans will always be appreciated. You will be provided with a pack of handover forms, one of which needs to be completed at the end of the day.

• End of the Day.
Once all your children have left the school premises and your responsibility for them has come to an end, work has been marked and the classroom left neat and tidy, you are free to go home. Remember to hand back passes, laptops etc, and sign out in the visitors’ register.

• Keep in touch.
Switch on your mobile for messages at lunch and the end of each day. Call us back as soon as possible, even if it’s to tell us you are unavailable for a particular assignment. In this way, we won’t be keeping a school waiting for a response and we would be able to offer the work to someone else.

• Winning repeat business.
Winning repeat business is really down to your ability to build a good working relationship with your school. Remember every time you go out to work for us, you are, in effect, an ambassador for this company. You are the key to the success of Claire’s School Solutions.