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From the top to the bottom: my first week in day-to-day supply teaching.

So, I have just finished my first week as a day-to-day supply teacher and I absolutely loved it. True to her word, Claire had pulled out an absolute banger and had lined up three schools that were all pretty close to where I live.

On Monday, I worked in a year four class all day and got the opportunity to work with some fantastic children. The teacher I was covering had left some really thorough planning (and a nice thank you letter!) which ensured I knew exactly the expectations for the children and the desired outcomes. Despite the rain, I also managed to teach my first supply PE lesson; note to self – next time pack my trainers!

Trainers in the boot, I drove to my next school on Tuesday. A big shift from the village school from the previous day, this city school was exhilarating and exciting, with less of a laid back approach but more of a ‘jump to it’ and learn way of education. Tuesday saw me teaching year one in the morning, then being shown upstairs in the afternoon to teach years five and six. I was starting to see why this supply teaching thing was popular, I felt like the bug had firmly bitten me.

The next day I was again in a medium-sized school working in a year five class. True to form, the teacher I was covering had left a really good explanation of what she wanted from the day. Also, staff within the same year group, were extremely helpful if I needed to confirm anything. Once again, I was given the opportunity to teach PE; giving some usage to my newly packed trainers and dodgeball coaching qualification (it’s more complex than dodge, dive, duck and dodge).

On the Wednesday evening, Claire asked called to offer me further work, but I had already agreed to help at the school I did my final university placement at for the rest of the week. Claire was pleased I had found some work, and informed me she would be in touch soon regarding the following week’s work.

I had done my first week in day-to-day supply. Teaching from the top (year 6) all the way down to the bottom (Reception). I had seen hundreds of new faces, taught over 150 different children, met and learnt pedagogical techniques from lots of different educators and all within the space of a week. Supply work doesn’t just feel like a way to produce an income; it is fun and a massive positive learning curve, which will only help develop my teaching potential.