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With over 40 year’s education supply experience in Derby and Derbyshire, we pride ourselves on providing a highly professional efficient and reliable service to schools. Being locally based we have managed to build up a comprehensive knowledge of the area we serve.


Here’s what people say about Claires School Solutions


We think that the staff are super-efficient and professional, when we need last-minute cover you never fail to supply us with teacher cover, which is most appreciated. Your candidates are amazing as well.”


“Although an experienced teacher, I’d never been a supply teacher before. Claire’s was recommended to me by another supply teacher who had said that they are a small, friendly and approachable team who did everything in house. I was nervouse to meet everyone but needn’t have been – the team at Belper were incredibly friendly, reassuring and supportive. My first assignment has been an absolute pleasure and it’s given me back the confidence that I’ve lost. The personal touch of Claire’s is what makes them stand out.

Thank you to the whole team!”


“You really are a unique team, making a very difficult transition/life change all the smoother. Please realise that your kindness has a huge impact.”


“Working with Claire’s Schools Solutions is a pleasure. I have worked with Claire for over eight years with various agencies and always found her to be ultra-professional in her dealings with both the schools and teachers she has dealings with. I know that the information I receive when taking a placement will be accurate. The company’s philosophy of providing high quality professionals is implemented, thus reassuring schools and providing repeat placements, as Head teachers knows that they will welcome a high quality professional into their schools. Claire’s warm and caring nature ensures that we feel appreciated for the work we undertake on behalf of the Company.”


“Claire has been my agency consultant for over ten years. What was abundantly clear at our first meeting was her warmth, kindness, and capacity for making people feel at ease. She has tremendous enthusiasm for her work and throughout our working relationship has demonstrated commitment, efficiency, and dedication. Her professionalism is blended with an abundance of interpersonal qualities. She inspires confidence and is tremendously supportive and encouraging. Teaching staff are made to feel valued and appreciated.”


“Claire’s School Solutions have been a fantastic agency to work for. Both, Claire and Stephanie have been warm, approachable and caring in their roles. They have found me work in a range of lovely primary schools, and always been attentive to any issues I have had there. They make you feel completely supported and at ease.I have been so impressed with the way in which this agency is organised that I have recommended it to several of my teaching and teaching assistant friends. I am proud when I say I work for Claire’s School Solutions, schools respond very well to the feedback sheets that Claire provides. I have had schools ask for me back and received lovely comments from the school staff in several establishments.

Claire’s allow me to work flexibly and have offered me a great way of working whilst I study at university. I look forward to working with them for a long time. Thank you Claire and Stephanie.”


“I have been working with Claire for a couple of years now and I am extremely happy to continue to do so!
She is professional, friendly, warm and efficient. She has ensured that I am placed in schools in which I feel comfortable. She listens to the needs of the teacher as well as the school and is able to keep both parties satisfied Her rapport within schools is excellent and she is very well respected by the head teacher’s she’s developed relationships with. It has been a pleasure to work with her during the time that I’ve known her. There are few people that I feel happy working with, but she is definitely someone I love working with!”


“It has to be said that Claire’s agency is one of, if not the best to work for in Derbyshire. Claire and Stephanie treat all of their staff so well and this coupled with their warmth and enthusiasm makes you want to go that extra mile for them! Your working requirements are listened to and understood. So whether you want to work day to day or on longer term contracts Claire can provide this. I would recommend this agency.”


“Before I met Claire, I was considering leaving the teaching profession having had a difficult NQT year; today, having spent 12 months working exclusively with Claire’s, I am proud to return to full time teaching. The best aspect of Claire’s school solutions is their commitment to listening to and meeting the requirements of both the teachers and the schools they work with.  Throughout my time with this agency, they were able to offer me work that met my financial and professional needs.  The schools I worked for were all very welcoming and more than once I was told of the high quality that staff had come to expect from the teachers who worked for Claire’s School Solutions. Both Claire and Stephanie are friendly and easy to work with and have a wealth of experience in the supply industry.  I have no hesitation in recommending Claire’s school solutions to fellow professionals and should I find myself in need of supply work in the future, Claire’s will be the first number that I call.” Ben KS2 teacher.

Jill G

Through Claire’s School Solutions I have worked in a wide range of schools. They have been able to place me in schools that are appropriate for me because they have listened to me when I have discussed what sort of schools and year groups I enjoy teaching. This makes for one happy supply teacher!

Paul L

I am an experienced primary teacher who left full time teaching just over a year ago because the workload was ridiculous. After being let down by another agency, a friend recommended Claire’s so I called them. Within a few days I had an interview, and the very next week I had my first day’s work. Since then I have rarely had a day without it. The staff are friendly, professional, light-hearted and caring (once they actually rang out of the blue just to check I was OK). They have enabled me to make relationships with certain schools and this has led to longer-term placements. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Thanks guys!

Based on 11 reviews
The Losh Family
The Losh Family
Clare Francis-Slater
Clare Francis-Slater
The staff at Claire’s are always friendly, kind and supportive. I have been very happy with them as an agency. Clare Francis-Slater (Mrs FS)
Liz Blenkinsop
Liz Blenkinsop
A fantastic group of people to work with. I'm really enjoying the experience.
Sandra Nix
Sandra Nix
Extremely accommodating to fit round when I want to work , very friendly and helpful. I have only worked for Claire's SS since January but my supply placement has been amazing. I now have regular one day a week work, just what I wanted. I can highly recommend them .
fiona marks
fiona marks
Claire’s are amazing much more than a supply agency! They care about all the people they work with and everyone loves working with them. I cannot recommend them highly enough!
K & A Gartside
K & A Gartside
Claire's is a fantastic team, with a family atmosphere, but never-the-less totally professional. They listen to the needs of both schools and supply staff, matching those needs with great efficiency and sorting any queries quickly.
Rachel Feltham
Rachel Feltham
Claire’s is the best supply agency I have worked with. Everyone there is friendly, approachable and knowledgable. They clearly really care about their teachers and their schools and try hard to match them well. There is nothing pushy or corporate about Claire’s, which I have found with so many other agencies and they allow me to be flexible and really enjoy my work. I honestly could not recommend them more!
Gemma Edwards
Gemma Edwards
An amazing agency to work for. I’ve been teaching with Claire’s for about two years and they give me lots of work in decent, pleasant schools. If you want a friendly agency that cares, listens to what you’re looking for and takes the time to ask how your day was etc, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending! Special mention to Sarah and Claire. Thank you!
Kathryn McKinley
Kathryn McKinley
Nisha Iqbal
Nisha Iqbal
As a current employee of Claire's school solutions I would like to take out the time to just say how amazing this agency is, they are professional and also extremely hard working as well as caring and you do not find that in many agencies. Claire's school solutions helped me to find a role that was best suited for me which I extremely appreciate, they also are very considerate towards your own situations, they gave me the opportunity to start in a school local to me with my qualifications which is a massive help, I highly recommend them to everyone.

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