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Meet Sarah, our manager! Sarah has worked here at Claire’s for nearly four years now but has worked in the recruitment industry for nearly over 10 years. But what is a manager of a supply teaching agency? I sat down with Sarah to talk all things recruitment, and hopefully provide an insight into what it’s really like to work in the industry. We hope you enjoy!


So, for anyone who doesn’t know, what is a manager of a supply teaching agency?

This is such a broad question!! I could say loads for this (laughing). As a manager I oversee everything that happens within the business, whilst also being involved in everything that happens in the business directly, as we are such a small team.


What does a typical morning look like for you? What time do you wake up and what time do you arrive to work?

My alarm is set for 5am when I wake up and check my phone/play with the cats! Then, I shower and am out of the house for 6/6:15. If I am on-call, the work phone is often ringing on my way into the office.

I am in the office by 7am every morning, at which point the phones go crazy with calls, from teachers calling in sick to schools needing cover. I love having such a busy start to the morning, it gets you up and running for the day. The only real frustration we have when we are extremely busy is when people who have told us they’re available don’t answer their phones.

Once all bookings for the day are filled, I start sending out safeguarding details to the schools that have teachers going in that day and then grab some breakfast.


What is the first thing you do when arriving at work?

The first thing I do when I arrive is answer the phone!


What are some of your daily tasks?

  • Filling jobs, whether that be on-the-day jobs that have come in in the morning or longer-term roles.
  • Interviewing new teachers and teaching assistants to join our team.
  • Catching up with our staff and dealing with any issues if there are any.
  • Working collaboratively in the office on varied tasks.
  • Constantly checking and responding to my emails.

I’m sure there’s lots more! I love how varied my job is and working closely with lots of different people.


What is your work environment like compared to other places you have worked?

Brilliant! This is my favourite place I have ever worked. We have a brilliant team, and although sometimes it can be stressful, we always try and make it fun. I’ve never worked in an office with so many fairy lights! I have no plans to ever leave, I have found my forever home!


What is it like being on call?

Being on call is not like people would expect! I don’t mind it at all. We know a lot of the schools and teachers well so when we get calls, I almost automatically know who can go where. Although, it can be frustrating over the weekends when we are waiting to hear back from people, whilst also trying to enjoy our weekend.


How long have you worked in recruitment?

My very first job in recruitment was in 2005. I had a few years away from the industry whilst raising my son and had my own business, before joining Claire’s in 2020.


What is your favourite thing about being a manager?

Definitely my team! We have a fabulous team; I love them all! The other thing I really love is when we help people who have had a tough time; it’s sadly not uncommon for us to see people who are broken. I feel so much satisfaction when we help these people find their confidence and most importantly their love for teaching again!


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